The heart of taste, in the heart of Larnaka!

A few steps away from the church of Agios Lazaros, the most famous and ancient Christian church of the city, is this elegant space that is in line with the picturesqueness and history of the square and harmoniously combines the traditional and modern products of Cyprus.

At StoArtos Coffee Bakery you can try a contrast of flavours, such as galaktompoureko and donuts, Ekmek kadayıfı and Cup cake, halloumi pie and croissants.

For the morning we reccommend our traditional dough pies with shieftalia, Pitsilia sausage or olives that we bake fresh every morning, in combination with a hot or cold coffee. If you are one of those people who like to explore new flavours, do not forget to try the unique carob syrup coffee that is enjoyed hot or cold with ice…just as you ask for Caramel latte just ask for Carob latte instead.

At noon you can choose one of our salads or a sandwich with a freshly squeezed orange juice. The evening is ideal for one of our delicious and special desserts such as orange pie, baklava or walnut pie with a scoop of ice cream.

The most special delicacy of StoArtos are the patties of anari and halloumi cheese. Of course, since this is a Bakery you will find traditional sourdough breads, baguettes and all kinds of bakery products.

Finally, at StoArtos you will find products of the carob of Cyprus, the carob as well as olive products, rose products, Geroskipou delights etc. All at very reasonable prices.

A visit to StoArtos is a taste experience that you should not miss when you visit the enchanting square of Agios Lazaros.

We are sure that you will find reasons to come again and again for as many days as you will be in the city of Larnaka.

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