Enjoy our traditional pies, sweets and beverages, take away or at our veranda.

Traditional Pies

Sieftalia €2,95
Shieftalia is a traditional Cyprus speciality made of minced pork, herbs and thinly sliced onion. We bake it in a pie style, fresh every morning.

Halloumi Bread €3,80
Traditional bread style halloumi pie 300g covered with sesame.

Loukaniko Pitsilias €2,95
Pie with local sausage made with traditional Cyprus method in Pitsilia area, near the Troodos mountains.

Other snacks

Halloumi Pie €2,40

Spinach €2,40

Chicken Mustard €2,95

Koulouri Philadelphia cheese €2,50

Cheese puff €2,20

Olive Koulouri €2,60

Praline croissant €2,20

Graviera cheese pie €2,95

Sausage puff €2,20

Olive village style €2,00

Butter croissant €2,20

Spinach with feta pie €1,95

Πουρέκια χαλούμιού, φρέσκα κάθε πρωί – Traditional Cyprus pastries with Halloumi, baked fresh every morning

More options in-site baked fresh every morning

Traditional breads with sourdough, corn and zea breads, Greek Karveli and more…

Our best seller Yiayia bread


Chicken Caesar Kraft €5,80
Lettuce, parmesan, chicken, cherry tomatoes

Tuna Kraft €6,20
Lettuce, Lolo Rosso, tuna, cherry tomatoes, lemon-olive oil dressing, oregano

Rocca Kraft €5,80
Rocket leaves, dry figs, sundried tomatoes, parmesan, pomegranate, balsamic vinegar, olive oil


Ekmek kataifi SUGAR FREE €3,80

Politiko SUGAR FREE €3,80

Kazandibi €3,50

Πουρέκια αναρής, φρέσκα κάθε πρωί – Traditional Cyprus pastries with soft sweet cheese, baked fresh every morning

Classic Donuts €2,00

Cream Filled covered with chocolate

Praline Filled covered with white chocolate

Jelly Filled covered with fine sugar

Ring Donut with Sugar

Just sugar

Check our cup creams: caramel, oreo, strawberry, cheesecake and more. €2,80


(for sandwich options and prices please check the list on the top of the page)

Ciabatta sandwich

Panini Sandwich

Flax sandwich

Giant croissant sandwich

Sweet Giant croissants

Bueno Giant Croissant (Available also with Ferrero or Banana-Praline)

Sandwich Box €22,00

22 pieces of different types of sandwiches (ciabatta and panini) in a kraft box. 

22 κομμάτια από 5 διαφορετικά είδη σάντουιτς σε κουτί, ciabatta και panini.

Welcome inside our shop and take a look for more tasty options!

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